Extension poles and telescopic Fiberglass Masts

Antennas, Wireless, Emergency Use, Ham Radios, Cameras, and More. Built on Wonder Pole® Technology.

Made In The USA.
by Wonder Pole
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Specifications of the Wonder Pole
The only telescoping extension pole that is circumferentially wrapped for additional strength. Eliminates cracking and is guaranteed.

Layer One
Longitudinal Strands

Layer Two
Circumferential Wrap

Layer Three Longitudinal Strands

Layer Four
Continuous Strand Mat

Layers Five and Six
2 plys of
Highest Quality Nexus® Veil

6-ply Laminate Lay Up
Engineered Composite


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are copyright Wonder Pole.

We manufacture extension poles that come in a variety of sizes, and colors. All of them are built on Wonder Pole technology. The strongest longest wearing fiberglass telescoping extension pole made in the USA. 60,000 PSI strength.

Starting at $49.00
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Custom Colors

Telescoping pole action.
Each section is nested inside of the other and has a friction stop marker to prevent overdraw. We fit each section with a "Sure Lock Grip" which tightens down on the section above to keep the pole at the desired height, and allows for variable heights without the use of holes and pins. The precision engineering of the Wonder Pole allows for effortless, quick extension and retraction of the sections. No assembly is required and there are no tools needed to use the pole. The applications are only limited by your imagination.
Our telescoping extension poles are quick and easy to use. They do not use internal cam locks that can jam or stick open. No buttons to wear out or pinch your fingers. Our exclusive Sure Lock™ transitional handles are quick open and close with no sudden drop of the pole section. Each section has stop markers to prevent overdraw of the pole sections when extending. The quality of the Wonder Pole® is unsurpassed. Ordinary fiberglass poles may start, and continue cracking until they fail. Metal poles are an electrical hazard, and heavy. If you want quality, and a long lasting fiberglass telescopic extent ion pole, choose the best, get the Wonder Pole®.
extension pole handles.
"Sure Lock" grips for instant adjustment to variable heights. Stop markers indicate maximum draw length of each section of the pole. Nesting sections provide for fast take down and storage of the Wonder Pole®
Guarantee on every Wonder Pole We guarantee your satisfaction. Prior to purchasing your Wonder Pole we will make every effort to explain the use and limitations. If you receive your Wonder Pole and are not satisfied please notify us, and we will issue you a return authorization. Please read our terms and conditions that limit some orders and applications. We will make every effort to provide you with the information, and support you need.


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